I was born in Argentina. At the age of 10 I won an instant camera in a raffle and from that day on I decided that I wanted to be a photographer. After 10 years of practice and making myself known to all my neighbors (since Facebook did not exist, this took a little more time and effort than today), I did my first event as a professional and since then I have been specializing in different areas of the Photography. Years later I started working as a photojournalist. This has given me great training in documenting "non-posed" moments and has allowed me to put that experience to use in what I love to do most, "wedding photos."

My way of working is natural, I do not intervene in the development of an event or prepare the scenes to win a contest, I simply look for looks, smiles and expressions. The result is candid photos with great emotional content.

I know that planning a wedding from abroad is difficult, especially if the language doesn't help. For this reason, and because we travel all over the world, we will speak English with you and your guests in a totally natural way.